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n an involuntary retching reflex that may be stimulated by something touching the posterior palate or throat region.


the swallowing-vomiting activity of the gag reflex.

Patient discussion about gagging

Q. Does GAG really help? My mother suffers from osteoarthritis, and after taking a lot of pain-killers someone offered us to try glycosaminoglycans. Does it really help? It’s quite expensive….

A. As far as I know it wasn’t proved in well-controlled trials to benefit the patients over placebo, so if it’s a consideration for you, I’m not sure it justifies the price. However, I’m only a lay-man, so consulting a professional (i.e. a doctor) is better.

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The gagging order will prevent Buchanan from helping Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan who is investigating the circumstances after a request from the dead soldier's mum Rita.
The Sunday People went to court on Friday to challenge the Government's gagging orders.
When Mr France tried to take his story to a local newspaper, the local authority secured a gagging order, a hyper-injunction, which forced him into agreeing that he would not speak to his MP.
On the 200th anniversary of his death Thomas Paine, perhaps the greatest Englishman of all, must be turning in his grave over the gagging of Britain.