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Variant spelling of gauge.


, gage (gaj)
1. A device for measuring the size, capacity, amount, or power of an object or substance.
2. A standard of measurement, e.g., of the diameter of a wire.
3. To judge or estimate a condition.

Bourdon gauge

See: Bourdon gauge
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Gage travels to his homeland every few months to lecture and visit with friends.
Gage Manager maintains comprehensive calibration records that are easily retrievable in a quality system audit.
So Gage searched for an investment that would not only engage his accounting skills but also sweeten his retirement-- both with interesting work and a good return on the investment.
An example of a completed gage R&R test is displayed in Fig.
Howard said Gage has disrupted an internal investigation by telling one of his clients not to cooperate with an interview.
Remarkably, Gage regained consciousness almost immediately and walked away from the site with the help of his work crew.
All of these tests are really processes rather than gage-type tests since they require multiple pieces of equipment or gages.
The problem with that idea is that these machine guns are considered NOT READY/AVAILABLE if they don't have their gages or their gages haven't been calibrated in a year.
The judge proscribed what the parties could and could not say to the media about the settlement,'' said Gage, who represents retired Officer John Futrell.
For insight on one of the more common measurement variation study techniques, CMI regularly offers courses on Gage R&R.