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Variant spelling of gauge.


, gage (gaj)
1. A device for measuring the size, capacity, amount, or power of an object or substance.
2. A standard of measurement, e.g., of the diameter of a wire.
3. To judge or estimate a condition.

Bourdon gauge

See: Bourdon gauge
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That raises the prospect that the DNA, RNA, and protein together form a complex that initiates gene activity, says Gage.
But Gage showed numerous documents signed by Alvord that showed McMurray had received ``outstanding'' marks and was even given bonuses.
The gage system was not very difficult to implement and was well accepted by the employees, since it saves time during the manufacturing process and takes the guesswork out of inspection," says Mr Restall.
West Valley Division Officer Johneen Jones is a case in point, Gage said.
Gage said he will show that fire officials felt it was too dangerous to send the ambulance, but the paramedic crew came anyway at about 10:07 a.
That doesn't leave much studying time for the coach, who is finishing his undergraduate work at Cal State Northridge this fall, but fortunately for Gage, there isn't much rebuilding necessary at Calabasas.
An attribute-type gage is one that compares part characteristics to specification limits and either accepts or rejects the part based on whether the limits are satisfied.
contract with Russell Gage Construction will be sending eight to ten professionals as project team leads; managing the barrier installations at approximately 54 Air Force locations.
That's when Gage, Frank Fittanto and some of the other regulars feel comfortable enough to come over and introduce themselves.
With all of the gage componentry being standard and in stock, in some instances we can build up very precise fixture gages in a matter of just a few days," says Mr Hines.
Kariya and Teemu Selanne combined for eight shots in the opening period, including three from close range by Selanne, but only a 60-footer by Kariya got past goalie Joaquin Gage.