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quantities of a specified product at a specified level of quality guaranteed for delivery at a specified future date, and as specified in a contract tradable in a futures market. By purchasing at today's prices it is possible to make big profits in the future if the estimate is correct. There is the equivalent danger that prices will fall. The attractiveness in futures trading is that only a small proportion of the original purchase price needs to be paid immediately.

Patient discussion about futures

Q. How can you detect future alcoholism? it runs in my family and I’m very aware of it. I’ve been drinking for under a year but lately its been every weekend and I’ve recently stopped because of finals i have for school and id rather not mess them up. but i catch myself thinking what am i going to do this weekend because I’m not drinking. I’m not getting like cravings for it, like I don’t need it, but i feel as if i have nothing to do besides get drunk with my friends and walk around. is that a sign of future alcoholism?

A. Alcoholism is in my family. I've got it too. I have been recovering from it for 17 years. If I were to drink again, it would be like stepping out in front of a fast moving train. It would certainly kill me. I have learned how to stay off the tracks in front of those trains. It is a real blessing from heaven to still be alive.

Q. I have fibromyalgia, too. Is that what is in store for me in the future? A woman in Massachusetts who had fibromyalgia recently committed suicide. I have fibromyalgia, too. Is that what is in store for me in the future?

A. Oh not at all. Her suicide is an indictment of that part of the health care system to which she had access-and I'm not talking about the doctor, who assisted her. This woman sought the help of many physicians, one of whom seems to have recognized fibromyalgia but apparently didn't suggest the proper course of treatment. The others took the "it's all in your head" approach so familiar to most people with fibromyalgia, particularly if they are women. Her doctors gave her drugs--apparently large quantities of antidepressants, painkillers, and narcotics--but apparently none talked to her about the importance of nutrition, or about how essential it is to keep moving when you have fibromyalgia. Some gave her sleeping pills, but none considered that almost all sleeping pills interfere with the deep, restorative sleep that is essential to managing fibromyalgia. No one seems to have taken her irritable bowel syndrome seriously enough to have helped her to overcome it.

Q. In the future will he with ASD ever be able to live independently? I have a friend who is staying as a paying guest and is being taken care of by all our family members. In the future will he with ASD ever be able to live independently?

A. I am very much moved by your deeds.

• Many people with autism do flourish and go on to hold responsible jobs and live independently. Others have the intellectual abilities to be employed but are held back by their inability to adapt socially to the stresses of everyday life.

• The focus of every intervention program for the person with autism should be to work on helping them adapt to living in society. Their quality of life and ability to function is far more important than how they do on an I.Q. test.

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Both plastics futures contracts to go live on February 28, 2014
Tom Leaver, Chief Executive Officer of the DME, added: "We have seen growing acceptance and demand for the DME Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract as a risk management tool from the Asian refining community, as well as demand from international traders leveraging arbitrage opportunities.
The DGCX Indian rupee futures contract provides market participants with not only the perfect tool to manage their price risk to the currency, but also with arbitrage opportunities against other markets," said P.
Both of these new futures contracts will be traded electronically on DME Direct, the Exchange's electronic trading system.
Oil producer Oman and the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, a JV between a Dubai Holding unit and NYMEX, are launching a sour crude futures contract.
SGX) announced Monday it will introduce the world's first futures contract based on dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips in the first quarter of next year.
Ultimately, the widgets would be sold in the spot market in December, when the widget futures contract would be liquidated.
the Bermuda-based insurance giant, has introduced a futures contract that gives customers the right to buy property insurance at locked-in rates, terms and conditions for as long as three years.
For example, it could buy a standardized electricity futures contract on an organized exchange, entitling it to buy a specified amount of electricity at an agreed-on price on a particular date.
In a frictionless market, arbitrage ensures that the price of a share price index (SPI) futures contract is equal to the accumulated value of the spot price less the deferred value of all dividends paid on the shares comprising the index.
The pricing should give the taxpayer a six-month Treasury rate of return in the form of capital gain when the gold is delivered against the futures contract in October 1993.
Assuming that all options are carried to expiration (no early exercise), a trader who buys the call and sells the put can always expect to end up with a long position in the underlying futures contract at expiration.