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Fusel Oil as Precursor for Aroma Generation by Biotransformation Using Lipase Scientific Note.
Esterification Reaction of Oleic Acid With a Fusel Oil Fraction for Production of Lubricating Oil.
Statistical pattern recognition analysis (cluster analysis) of the various whiskeys has been shown to be useful in analyzing fusel oil components, contained in sour mash/bourbon, blended and scotch whiskeys (Wilson et al.
Determination of methanol and fusel oil using a graphitized carbon black column.
provides Fusel Oil market situation overview and supplies with a list of Fusel Oil manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
General Fusel Oil Description, Composition, Information On Ingredients, Hazards Identification, Handling And Storage, Toxicological & Ecological Information, Transport Information
Yeast don't benefit energetically by making fusel oil, nor for the most part in any other way.
More than 100 years ago (in 1907), the origin and reason for fusel oil seemed abundantly clear.
The main contents of both were ethyl alcohol and water Aged whiskey contained larger amounts of poisonous fusel oil than rectified, and rectified whiskey sometimes had small amounts of coloring and flavoring that were absent from aged whiskey.
As a chemist, Wiley could have tried to win the support of the rectifiers by arguing (accurately) that their method resulted in a product containing less fusel oil, and hence more pure.
After the charcoal has had about a week to absorb all the fusel oils, add about a quart of cherry wood chips and about an equal volume of white oak chips.
He said you can draw off distillates at various levels; the trick is to know the correct level to retain the right flavor ingredients (congeners) without harsher fusel oils.