A fusiform or spindle-shaped, multiseptate macroconidium.
[Fr. spindle fr. L. fusus]
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The most prominent organization, OIDFA (L'Organisation Internationale de la Dentelle au Fuseau et a l'Aiguille, or in English, The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organization) was founded in that country during the early 1980s.
Choose the variety Fuseau over the common form, as its tubers are much smoother and easier to prepare for cooking.
gt;> Il semble une allegorie du destin: sa principale distraction est d'actionner un tour dont le mouvement evoque celui de l'orgue de Barbarie et aussi celui du fuseau des Parques.
De plus, seuls les etudiants demeurant hors du fuseau horaire du lieu de la conference seront admissibles pour un prix.
PLANT Jerusalem artichokes (the variety Fuseau is fairly smooth-skinned and so easy to use) and, if the ground is not too wet and cold, you can also plant garlic.
Try the popular variety Fuseau that has smooth skin and is easy to peel.
There are a number of varieties available but more modern ones, such as Fuseau and New White, are smoother skinned with less knobbles and have improved flavour.
Jerusalem artichokes are becoming increasingly popular and Fuseau is the best variety.
Bonjour ou bonsoir, fuseau horaire oblige, Monsieur Raouraoua.
Fuseau is the best variety and there is a bonus - they don't mind what kind of soil they grow in.