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1. fungal.


Relating to a fungus.
Synonym(s): fungal


/fun·gal/ (fun´g'l) fungous; pertaining to fungi.


Etymology: L, fungus, mushroom
pertaining to or resembling a fungus or fungi.


adjective Referring to a fungus or fungi.


adjective Pertaining to fungi, mycotic


Relating to a fungus.
Synonym(s): fungous.


Caused by a fungus.
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pertaining to or caused by a fungus.

fungal disease
the three principal manifestations are the skin infections, the dermatophytoses, systemic infections such as coccidioidomycoses, and the mycotoxicoses, the fungal poisonings.
fungal hypersensitivity
may occur in animals; possibly the cause of fungal kerion.
fungal hyphae
see hypha.
fungal infection
see mycosis.
fungal mastitis
see Table 16.
fungal slide culture
a method of culturing fungi that allows good visualization of conidia for identification purposes.
fungal toxins
there are a large number of known poisonous fungi, some of which grow on living plants, many of them visible on the outside of the plant, many of them growing inside the plant and therefore not visible. Many more grow on stored feed such as grain and hay. The best known fungal toxins include aflatoxin, citrinin, ergotamine, fumonisins, ergovaline, ochratoxin, phomopsin, slaframine, sporidesmin, trichothecenes (e.g. satratoxin, deoxynivalenol), zearalenone.

Patient discussion about fungal

Q. What is the best way to treat fungal infection so it wont come back every year at the same time?? I don't know where I got it from- maybe caught it in a public shower,some people say it develops while the foot is in the shoe for long hours- I'm not sure- but every fall, for like 5 years now, I've been having this fungal infection in a few spots in my feet. usually in the same exact spots and ewvery year another one show up. what to do to make it go away?? it's real ugly and itchy, can't stand it. any help would be appreciated...

A. i also used to have fungal infections (Athlete's foot). i just applied a topical anti fungal cream to treat it and then continued applying it for prevention and started to use sandals in public showers. and thank god, i don't have any now.

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Following on from her article on Acanthamoeba keratitis (OT, September 19, 2014), Nicole Carnt turns her attention to fungal keratitis.
Though these features suggested a fungal infection, fungal hyphae were not demonstrable.
Some of the children who didn't meet the criteria for SAFS diagnosis had high IgE levels but no evidence of fungal sensitization, or evidence of fungal sensitivity but normal IgE levels.
In general, management of allergic fungal sinusitis requires a combination of surgery and medical therapy to achieve the best long-term clinical outcome.
Fungal endophytes slip into plant leaves and stems to set up housekeeping between, or even inside, plant cells.
In all patients with sinusitis, the extent of disease should be assessed with physical examination and computed tomography to look for evidence of calcification within the sinuses, which is highly suggestive of fungal sinusitis.
If water is released into a typical building environment, fungal growth can begin within 12 hours, and colonization can occur within two to three days.
GPC Biotech's lead anti-fungal drug discovery program is a novel approach directed towards GGTase type 1 which regulates an important signaling pathway required for fungal cell wall integrity.
The company also markets Amphotec(R), an FDA-approved lipid-complexed form of amphotericin B for the treatment of invasive aspergillosis, a life-threatening fungal infection.
Prophylactic administration of fluconazole after liver transplantation reduces the rate of fungal infection, a fairly common consequence of posttransplant immunosuppressive therapy.