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Relating to a fundus.


adjective Referring to a fundus (e.g., gastric fundus or ocular fundus).


Relating to a fundus.


(fun'dus) [L. fundus, bottom]
1. The larger part, base, or body of a hollow organ.
2. The portion of an organ most remote from its opening. fundic (fun'dik), adjective

fundus of bladder

The base of the urinary bladder, the portion closest to the rectum.

fundus flavimaculatus

Stargardt disease.

fundus of gallbladder

The lower dilated portion of the gallbladder.

ocular fundus

The posterior part of the eye including the retina and optic nerve.

fundus of stomach

The uppermost portion of the stomach, posterior and lateral to the entrance of the esophagus.

fundus tympani

The floor of the tympanic cavity close to the jugular fossa. It contains the bulb of the internal jugular vein.

fundus uteri

Fundus of the uterus.
Enlarge picture
FUNDUS OF THE UTERUS: Measuring the size of the fundus

fundus of the uterus

The area of the uterus above the openings of the fallopian tubes.
Synonym: fundus uteri See: illustration
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There was a little difference in different gland region, in fundic gland region mucosa which was highest, and in pyloric gland region was lowest;and in contents which was lowest because of milk and grass diluted (0.
Microscopically, gastric mucosa containing either cardiac, antral and potentially acid-secreting fundic mucosa can be found.
Fundic abnormalities were noted in 3 eyes of 2 birds, all of which were clinically visual.
Column GCM1 shows that of the 35 cases that had GCM1, 23 were associated with ITGCs, 6 were not associated with any of the other types (only GCM1), 6 were associated with GCM2 cells, and none were found in the fundic or junctional/ cardia epithelium.
1) Therefore, a thorough fundic examination of both eyes is of critical importance in wild raptors, even if the anterior segment is unaffected.
The gastric pH was measured at the center of the fundic region and the intestinal pH was measured at 3 points (duodenum at 30.
The patient underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, which showed a small hiatal hernia, a fundic polyp, and mild diffuse gastric erythema.
Gastric wedge biopsies were also obtained from the fundic nodules.
All of the kestrels examined in this study showed maximal bilateral mydriasis at T90 minutes, but in 6 of them, consistent pupil dilation of both eyes was already present at T30 minutes, which allows for a complete fundic examination.
Ultrasound examination at 18 weeks' gestation revealed an unremarkable fundic placenta, a normal amount of amniotic fluid, and a singleton fetus without recognizable abnormalities.
An attempt was made to examine the left fundus, but, because of the small aperture of the pupil in response to direct light and the mounting stress of the bird, fundic examination was not successful.