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fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

the principal component of a sound, which has the greatest wavelength, hence the lowest tone in a sound; sounds are composed of a fundamental tone and overtones or higher tones. See: harmony, noise.

fun·da·men·tal fre·quen·cy

(F0) (fŭn'dă-men'tăl frē'kwĕn-sē)
1. acoustics The basic frequency of a vibrating object or sound as opposed to its harmonics, or the principal component of a complex sound wave.
2. The frequency of vocal fold vibration at the glottis, unaffected by resonance.
See also: optimal pitch
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A striking example of Brazil's efforts to improve its economic fundamentals is the fact that in each of the past four years, the Brazilian government has achieved a primary budget surplus in excess of 4 percent of GDP.
52% gains amid a host of positive economic factors, including buoying real estate fundamentals and the Federal Reserve's commitment to its slow and steady rate increases.
This tale of my personal growth isn't meant to provide my psyche, but instead is a bridge to this issue's feature articles and the metalcasting fundamentals we are relaying to our audience.
Other situations he takes into account when managing Basden's investments are: if a company restates its earnings, if the fundamentals at a company change significantly, or if a stock becomes overweighted in the portfolio.
The alternative PIPE deal is called a "technical deal," where investors invest based not upon "actuals" but on future prospects, and thus prefer equity ownership down the road, at liquidation, when the firm's fundamentals are likely to be stronger.
The fundamentals of money management can help people make smart decisions that promote their own well-being and, on a broader scale, foster a more efficient economy.
Multex Fundamentals strengthens the OneSource product line by dding more than 10,500 top global firms from 63 countries, including all companies in the major global and country stock market indices.
how technology developments are forcing RIM professionals to redefine their fundamental role in the organization
Donning the gloves is not an option until the proper fundamentals have been mastered, Smith said, adding that some participants avoid the ring in favor of the cardiovascular workout the punching bags provide.
However, one seldom hears even the most avid music enthusiast exclaim, "Ah, the 800-hertz fundamental in those violins is spectacular
The approach is based on the premise that all financial instruments are made up of a few different "building blocks"--fundamental financial instruments--and that determining how to recognize and measure those fundamental instruments is the key to reaching consistent solutions for the accounting issues raised by other, more complex instruments and by various relationships between instruments.
Fundamentals of Islamic Finance is the most comprehensive e-learning course available anywhere in the world on the subject.

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