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How India will take it if some responsible state functionary in Pakistan publicly stated that Pakistan welcomed the dismemberment of India?
Sources said that land acquisition collectors who were appointed in 24 Tehsils under the sweet will of top functionary of Punjab government are stated to be behind the fixation of inflated rates for acquisition of land.
Also an interim election may not help the party, as in many areas we still do not have much presence," said a BJP state functionary unwilling to be named.
Zack Wormhaut's seasoned skate facility design team took it all in as did LA city civic arts functionary Stash Maleski.
Martin Heidegger was a functionary of the Nazi party from the early 1930s until the end of the War; nearly all discussion about him nowadays, both on the part of philosophers and by others, inevitably seems to revolve around his various attempts at disassociation from Hitler that followed the nemesis of Nazi Germany.
Other figures associated with MAPAI who participated in the elections campaign included Sief al-Deen alZu'bi, the mayor of Nazareth, Muhammad Hbeshi, the deputy mayor of Acre, Muhammad Shabaan, a member of the workers' council of Acre, and Amnon Linn, a senior party functionary.
In contrast to Bruno Zevi's classic monograph, which hailed Rossetti as one of the first modern city planners, Tuohy's book characterizes the Ferrarese architect as an engineer, entrepreneur, and court functionary often simply executing the plans of others.
The harrowing first half of Bent is Max's fall; the second, his redemption at Dachau, where he pays off a functionary to sport the Jew's yellow star rather than the lowlier pink triangle of the homosexual.
Elsewhere, a workers' council blocked an attempt by the local party functionary to fire a supervisor--a situation unthinkable a few years ago.
Focusing only on Vadra and leaving out allegations against Hooda will seem like witch- hunting," said a party functionary present at the Kurukshetra meet.
The SC further ruled that if any state institution or functionary violates this decision then it will be considered treason with the constitution.