functional view

functional view,

n the belief that patterns of movement are learned; treatments that flow from this paradigm focus on the improvement of strength, posture, range, and quality of movement.
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The XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test generates a holistic, functional view of the metabolic phenotype of cells, and the resulting Energy Map can act as a guide to additional experiments to elucidate the mechanisms of energy metabolism within the cells.
I brought in a more functional view of what ergonomics and good customer research could do, and hopefully an appreciation of what designers and creatives could bring to the problem of developing great products.
A cross functional view of the business is considered necessary to improve efficiency and performance, replacing existing systems with an integrated approach across finance, asset management, resource planning, programme & project management activities.
Thus the DSM is constructed, that is, a DSM derived only from the functional view of the product.
By applying a functional view of jealousy, our studies yield the inference that people think meals can be more than just meals.
This functional view of the enterprise exposes opportunities where common services and processes, including information, can be shared among various business units within an organization to achieve economies of scale and leverage assets for the benefit of all.
In Layers and Levels of Representation in Language Theory: A Functional View, Pragmatics and Beyond, NS 13, Jan Nuyts, A.
A functional view of the image of God correlates with behavioral acts in the world.
This is done to help the reader; for example, if more in-depth information is wanted, the chapters of the text follow the same sequence as the Functional View sections of the guidebook.
There they are confronted with a functional view of religion, humanly created in a variety of forms in the quest for a satisfying life.
Martinet, Andre 1962 A Functional View of Language.

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