functional limitation

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functional limitation

In rehabilitation science, any restriction in the performance of activities resulting from disease, injury, or environmental restrictions. Synonym: activity limitation; disability.
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functional limitation,

n according to the World Health Organization (WHO), any health problem that prevents a person from completing a range of tasks, whether simple or complex.
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How much variance in physical activity engagement, operationalized by the HPLP II physical activity (PA) subscale, can be explained by personal characteristics, functional limitations, and outcome expectations in this sample of persons with longstanding MS?
Although any given object can be referred to by naming either its structural properties or its functional properties, the choice between structural and functional limitations in a claim has a significant implication for a patentee's rights: it determines claim scope.
Jannenga predicts that functional limitation reporting eventually will become the industry standard for all insurance carriers, not just Medicare.
After controlling for other factors, such as age, sex, and baseline insulin resistance values, investigators determined that engaging in both aerobics and strength training yields improvements in both insulin sensitivity and functional limitations better than doing either form of exercise alone or being sedentary.
The fourth recurring question addressed the program's response to the functional limitation and was answered using a separate response continuum:
Evaluating functional limitations during a clinical trial of an agent targeting neurological function can substantiate the real-life benefit of the intervention by demonstrating that the treated subjects can do more than control subjects; i.
Church attendance is associated with improved health and well-being among older adults, but older adults with functional limitations may have difficulty attending church services.
Yet there's no denying that the championing of functional limitation as a form of creative exceptionalism plays out a wish-fulfillment scenario for the art world.
Since it is not active assistive, would that be coded as a functional limitation in ROM?
Although the percentage of healthy older adults is increasing (Adelman, 1998), after midlife, the prevalence of physical health problems, such as chronic illness, functional impairment, functional limitation, and physical disability, increase steadily with age (Atchley, 1998).

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