functional layer

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functional layer

The portion of the endometrium adjacent to the uterine cavity. After it is shed in menstruation, it is regenerated by the basilar layer.
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1. stratum; a sheetlike mass of tissue of nearly uniform thickness, several of which may be superimposed, one above the other, as in the epidermis.
2. a commercial fowl which is laying eggs, i.e. a female of more than about 5 months of age, up to the stage of being a 'spent hen' suitable only for slaughter.

basal layer
1. the deepest layer of the epidermis. See also stratum basale.
2. the deepest layer of the uterine mucosa.
blastodermic layer
germ layer (see below).
clear layer
stratum lucidum; the clear translucent layer of the epidermis, just beneath the horny layer.
columnar layer
1. layer of rods and cones.
2. mantle layer.
compact layer
the layer of the endometrium nearest the surface, containing the necks of the uterine glands.
functional layer
the compact and spongy layers of the endometrium considered together.
cerebellar ganglionic layer
the thin middle gray layer of the cortex of the cerebellum, consisting of a single layer of Purkinje cells.
germ layer
any of the three primary layers of cells formed in the early development of the embryo (ectoderm, entoderm and mesoderm), from which the organs and tissues develop.
germinative layer
any proliferative layer such as the basal layer of the epidermis or the lower layer of the claw, from which the claw grows.
granular layer
1. the layer of epidermis between the clear and prickle-cell layers; called also stratum granulosum.
2. the deep layer of the cortex of the cerebellum.
3. the layer of follicle cells lining the theca of the vesicular ovarian follicle.
horny layer
1. stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead and desquamating cells.
2. the outer, compact layer of the claw, etc.
keratohyaline layer
granular layer (1).
mantle layer
the middle layer of the wall of the primitive neural tube, containing primitive nerve cells and later forming the gray matter of the central nervous system.
nervous layer
all of the retina except the pigment layer; the inner layer of the optic cup.
prickle-cell layer
stratum spinosum; the layer of the epidermis between the granular and basal layers, marked by the presence of prickle cells.
layer of rods and cones
a layer of the retina immediately beneath the pigment epithelium, between it and the external limiting membrane, containing the rods and cones.
spinous layer
prickle-cell layer.
spongy layer
the middle layer of the endometrium, containing the tortuous portions of the uterine glands.
subendocardial layer
the layer of loose fibrous tissue uniting the endocardium and myocardium.
zonal layer of thalamus
a layer of myelinated fibers covering the dorsal surface of the thalamus.
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State identification modules read sensor data, which can be raw output from hardware, calculated results from functional layer modules, or even summaries from the executive layer.
We have also found that negative-index metaspacer reverses how the resonance frequency of the metamaterial structure depends on the geometric parameters such as spacer thickness and number of functional layers.
According to Kibler, the deal marks a significant step toward the expansion of its business in the area of equipment for manufacturing of functional layers.
For Baler, the acquisition marks a significant step toward the expansion of its Advanced Materials division in the area of equipment for manufacturing of functional layers.
Since the clothing has three functional layers, we placed 3 temperature sensors and 3 humidity sensors on each layer.
Extruded tubes made of Surlyn TF provide a high-quality, printable outer layer and good adhesion to the other functional layers of the five-ply, co-extruded structure, DuPont executives said.
Products on the market today strive to meet these potentially incompatible requirements by using a variety of different materials--some in the form of preformed webs--to create a series of functional layers within the structure.
Metal oxide transistor manufacturing requires high volumes of high-purity N2O, as the electronics specialty gas is used to create functional layers of the microscopic thin-film transistors required to control each of the millions of pixels that make up the visible image.
The object of the contract is an icp-rie plasma etching system for proportional and binary plasma etching in dielectric, Semiconducting and metallic materials and functional layers (fused silica, Silicon, Sioxny, Silicon carbide, High-breaking materials such as ta2o5, Nb2o5, Etc.
For instance, its low hot tack temperature assists reliable closure of the container bottom during blow molding and the wide processing window of Surlyn facilitates coextrusion with numerous other thermoplastics which are used as the outer envelope and, in certain applications, also in the form of additional functional layers.
The comparison proved that the new nanosensor benefited from more functional layers.

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