functional integration

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functional integration,

n in the Feldenkrais method, refers to the application of techniques in a one-on-one lesson in which the instructor may use vocal or tactile instruction or a combination of the two.
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By automating standard procedures, functional integration lets nurses focus their clinical skills on those patients who will benefit most from their services.
This adds to cost but elevates load-bearing capability and increases functional integration.
Mobilic Makes Strong Entry Into the Mobile Video Market With SoC Products That Feature the Industry's Highest Level of Functional Integration
It is taught in two ways: group classes are called Awareness Through Movement lessons; Functional Integration lessons are one-on-one sessions.
Opportunities for improved dimensional stability, reduced part weight, improved surface finish, large-part production, functional integration, and low-pressure processing all but ensure this technique's continued growth.
The functional test is based on the functional integration of the income-producing property and the taxpayer's unitary business operations.
Her responsibilities included creating strategic and tactical plans for revenue growth, developing an operating plan to drive cross functional integration, and representing i2 with existing and prospective customers, vendors, industry analysts and trade groups.
Testing and Commissioning of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) of Traction Substations and other Switching Stations in Smglo / DouWo / Triplo Lino sections and their functional integration with existing SCADA RCCs in Secunderabad and Vijayawada Division of South Central Railway.
We believe that BinOptics will play a significant role in reducing the cost of its customers' equipment and systems through efficient manufacturing and functional integration.
Functional integration resolves how functional requirements are satisfied by the combination of mechanical, electronic, and software components that must work together seamlessly to deliver safe and satisfying products such as automobiles, aircraft, and consumer products.
User administration is simplified with drag/drop functional integration to LDAP or NT directories.
Functional integration in the portable media player and multimedia processor system-on-chip (SoC) markets will fundamentally change the value proposition for today's integrated circuit (IC) vendors, according to Gartner, Inc.

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