functional autonomy

func·tion·al au·ton·o·my

in social psychology, the tendency of a developed motive system (for example, motive of acquisition) to become independent of the primary or innate drive from which it originated (for example, need for food).
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set out clear terms that guarantee functional autonomy for BIGD as a new institution
He said that permanent commission for women SSC officers is something that the law itself bars and such an order would annihilate the functional autonomy of the armed forces, the judge, referring to the 2008 rule told the AG.
Governor further elaborated that FIWA unit must be facilitated and crafted with adequate administrative, financial and functional autonomy to deliver the services of desired standards.
Concerning the first, the lecturer underlined that the body's rights imply the need of not depriving it, noting that people are usually unaware of their functional autonomy when their are healthy.
A multinomial regression model including social and demographic characteristics and intersurvey changes and events related to functional autonomy and reproduction was fitted to a categorical outcome measuring the absence (reference), initiation, cessation and continuation of intimate partner violence.
The solution lies in giving public sector firms greater functional autonomy and freeing them from bureaucratic control, and not in tolerating a slip in their competitiveness and then shielding them from competition," he added.
Establishing a strong fiscal policy framework, providing greater institutional and functional autonomy for the central bank, and developing a more formal macroprudential institutional and policy framework would help strengthen macroeconomic and financial stability, the report added.
Our vision is that it will greatly facilitate our mission to increase an individual's functional autonomy while simultaneously empowering the individual's naturalistic community based support systems," said Jim Gaynor, GIHN's CEO and President.
It has independent legal status, full capacity and organizational and functional autonomy.
Of the 29 potential risk factors considered, researchers found 6 to be significantly associated with delirium severity in univariate analysis: marital status (being married), severity of dementia, lower functional autonomy, less medication consumption, presence of behavioral problems, and inadequacy of the physical environment.
The university provided the intellectual and technical capacity necessary for the state to achieve functional autonomy and then to expand and extend its power.
Sossin suggests that three considerations must be satisfied when determining when political input into police decision-making is legitimate: a legitimate public interest goal; respect for the functional autonomy and apolitical status of the police; and absence of an overriding interest, either in terms of individual rights or public safety, inconsistent with political involvement.

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