functional activity

func·tion·al ac·tiv·i·ty

(fŭngk'shŭn-ăl ak-tiv'i-tē)
1. A task or act that allows one to meet the demands of the environment and daily life.
2. An activity that is essential to support the physical, social, and psychological well-being of a person and allows that person to function in society.
See also: functional test
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Objective: Developing minimalistic biological neural networks and observing their functional activity is crucial to decipher the information processing in the brain.
7) The quality domains measured in the cross-sectional surveys were: physical care, functional activity, privacy, dignity, meaningful activities, relationships, cleanliness and safety.
The major advantages of this in vitro cell-based model are the ability to reproduce to a great extent the functional activity of CNS in vitro and the ability of MEAs to automatically record neuronal activity over several days or weeks.
Methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of postpartum recovery of ovarian functional activity are some of the main problems in animal reproduction [1].
SAN DIEGO--Patients with chronic low back pain who report pain scores that do not correlate well with their functional activity level are less satisfied with their pain management treatment, a single-center study found.
While other groups have been able to produce liver cells before us, their cells showed little functional activity, and could not be reliably used for drug discovery.
The product will serve as replacement therapy for patients who suffer from a congenital lack of the normal plasminogen protein and/or its functional activity, following approval.
Baseline evaluation of tone and hand functions were done using hand tracing, Erhardt's Development Prehension Assessment (EDPA) Scale, (4) Functional Activity.
The candidates, later, were tested for functional activity using an in vitro cell migration inhibition assay and an in vivo tumor xenograft model in combination with carboplatin.
This functional activity is part of the characterization performed to confirm consistency and reproducibility between lots, and is being applied to demonstrate comparability between innovators and follow-on products intended for licensure as biosimilars.
8220;Quantitative (low activity and low antigen) or qualitative (low activity and normal antigen) defect in FIX function results in Christmas Disease or Hemophilia B and the VisuLize[TM] FIX Antigen Kit is used for the assessment for functional activity of FIX in gene therapy.

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