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n the set of instructions necessary to direct the computer to carry out a well-defined mathematical or logical operation; a subunit of a routine.
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t]) is less than 6 then the function call in the trace is labeled as anomalous.
It intercepts network-related DOS function calls and redirects them across the network to a CD server.
Integrated into the ATS 16/8 system is SwitchPath(tm), Natural MicroSystems' advanced digital circuit-switching software with more than a dozen high-level function calls that can be used with C, BASIC, Cobol, Pascal, Fortran or RGP, and the company's industry-standard Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP)(tm).
Each device includes a MIPS32[R] 4KEc[R] CPU core for system tasks, and a second MIPS32[R] 4KEc[R] that is dedicated to handling main DSP threads and making kernel function calls to the DPU for acceleration.
Application development has been greatly simplified through the delivery of high-level function calls and support for C, C++, COM, VB.
Code coverage, Waveform Viewer, advanced dataflow, Design Profiler and interfaces to other EDA tools are provided via PLI and VHPI function calls as part of Riviera's product configuration.
Although other SystemC design environments require time-consuming manual code instrumentation, Vista affords designers automatic viewing of communication protocols and system-level interfaces to identify transaction function calls between blocks.