fumaric acid esters

fumaric acid esters (fy·marˑ·ik aˑ·sid esˑ·terz),

n.pl Scientific names:
monoethyl fumarate, dimethyl fumarate; uses: psoriasis; precautions: can cause nephrotoxicity; partially reversible acute renal failure, osteomalacia, gastrointestinal dis-turbances, flushing, skin reactions, reversible elevated levels of transaminases, eosinophilia, and reversible lymphopenia. Also called
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It worked, and although his theory was never proven, fumaric acid showed its effectiveness to treat psoriasis in clinical trials and was approved in 1994 in Germany to treat the disease (Fumaderm[R], fumaric acid esters, Fumapharm AG).
For skin disease, first-line therapies include phototherapy, methotrexate, fumaric acid esters, TNF inhibitors, efalizumab, and cyclosporine; second-line therapies include acitretin and alefacept; and third-line therapies include sulfasalazine and hydroxyurea.
Here we review data on fumaric acid esters (FAE) as new orally available drugs with the potential as an innovative therapeutic approach for RRMS.
Fumarate therapy, consisting of a mixture of fumaric acid esters, referred to as BG00012, produced by Fumapharm AG, has been used in Europe as a treatment for psoriasis for decades.
We are encouraged by research that suggests that fumaric acid esters could slow the progression of the neurodegenerative process.
Fumaric acid esters have been used since 1959 in Germany for the treatment of psoriasis, and the proprietary formulation Fumaderm, which contains a mixture of dimethylfumarate and monoethylfumarate salts, has been licensed since 1994 in that country.
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND -- A proprietary formulation of fumaric acid esters has proved, during decades of use in Germany, to be a useful option for some patients with severe, recalcitrant psoriasis.
An oral formulation of fumaric acid esters (mixed DMF and monoethylfumarate salts) is approved in Germany and widely used for the treatment of psoriasis.
has developed BG-12, a more efficacious and tolerable oral formulation of fumaric acid esters that will be entering phase III trials in the United States.
Fumapharm AG, founded in Switzerland in 1983, develops therapeutics derived from fumaric acid esters for patients with high unmet medical need.
Therapies that activate a T-helper 2 response, such as biologics and fumaric acid esters that are available in Germany, may dampen inflammation through mechanisms that, over the long term, protect patients from serious diseases.
Biologics and fumaric acid esters, the latter an increasingly popular option in Europe, may represent safer therapeutic interventions for psoriasis patients with complex comorbid conditions, he said.