full weight-bearing

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full weight-bearing (FWB)

Etymology: AS, fol + gewiht + ME, beren
relating to a view in radiology that shows the response to stresses of a natural posture. Full weight-bearing views of the foot are useful in studying flatfoot and clawfoot.
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The team says that daily treadmill training over several weeks eventually enabled the rats to regain full weight-bearing walking, including backwards, sideways and at running speed.
Of the patients, 55% had full weight-bearing capabilities, 42% were unable to bear weight, and 3% were able to partially bear weight.
We use such a pool in the early rehab stages for lower extremity injuries and other situations where running in a full weight-bearing mode is impossible.
The patient did well, progressing to full weight-bearing capacity, and finished a 7-week course of linezolid.
Any exercise done in a full weight-bearing position--that is, standing--can strengthen bones.