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Repro-Med Systems is offering special introductory pricing to its distributors for the introduction of the Res-Q-Vac Full Stop Protection which is in full production and will be available later this month.
In Full Stop Week, which takes place from October 2-8 ,the Be the Full Stop map will be projected on to Eldon Square against a background of green spotlights beamed out across the city.
Two weeks from now, the period from Monday, October 2 to Sunday the 8th, has been declared NSPCC Full Stop Week and the challenge to us all is to organise a tea party, with friends or work colleagues, to raise money to stop child cruelty.
The NSPCC's pounds 250m Full Stop campaign to help put an end to child cruelty has unveiled its first corporate patron in Wales.
In fact, anyone watching Club Dread is in for a disappointment, full stop.
I came here not just to give myself a chance of playing, not just in Euro 2004, but to play football, full stop," Mills said.
But the blue half of Merseyside need not worry yet - the England striker was signing up to the NSPCC's Full Stop Campaign to prevent child cruelty.
The former US president is expected to announce a record donation to the charity's Full Stop campaign, and make a speech about child abuse and child protection Special guests the Duke of York and Cilla Black will be seated at the former US president's table at Lord Derby's Knowsley Hall tonight.
JV Zero-Five-Zero, need you to full stop on your next pass.
THE Tote Scoop6 gets its first outing on a Sunday in a special one-off today in aid of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's Full Stop campaign.
Mission District, gobbled dinner, fought for parking, charged up the stairs, and came to a full stop in the lobby.
Another youngster had written enough words for half a feature before she decided it was time to include a full stop.