frustration tolerance

frus·tra·tion tol·er·ance

the level of a person's ability to withstand frustration without developing inadequate modes of response, such as "going to pieces" emotionally.
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They are increasingly vulnerable and mE'vajE[degrees] low frustration tolerance.
Instant Gratification Does Not Build Frustration Tolerance or Equal Accomplishment
No, it takes some time, practice and considerable frustration tolerance.
Overall, bad mental health is caused by cognitions which breed low frustration tolerance and distort reality.
Frustration tolerance for a good workout has been gauged at next to nothing, especially in societies where movement plays a role limited to typing or walking to and from the car.
8220;Kids will relate and parents will rejoice in this important story of frustration tolerance.
Counselors can use Second Life[R] in treating anxiety or addressing issues such as low frustration tolerance and self-worth (Warren, 2010).
Self-control in the youngsters who participated in the study was assessed by teachers, parents, observers, and the kids themselves, and included measures such as "low frustration tolerance, lacks persistence in reaching goals, difficulty sticking with a task, overactive, acts before thinking, has difficulty waiting turn, restless, and not conscientious.
Researchers looked at factors such as frustration tolerance, restlessness, impulsivity, impatience and the ability to stick with tasks.
Self-control was assessed by several measures including lack of persistence, low frustration tolerance, difficulty sticking with a task, hyperactivity, restless, inability to think and impulsivity.
Exporting also requires patience, lots of paperwork, a high frustration tolerance to deal with the bureaucracies of at least two governments and a long list of risks.
Children who suffer from low frustration tolerance are trapped inside their own limited abilities to cope with life.