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the matured ovary of a plant, including the seed and its envelopes.


[L. fructus, fruit]
1. The ripened ovary of a seed-bearing plant and the surrounding tissue, such as the pod of a bean, nut, grain, or berry.
2. The edible product of a plant consisting of ripened seeds and the enveloping tissue. Fruits add vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the diet. They help prevent constipation and vitamin deficiency syndromes. Most people should eat 2 to 3 servings of fruit every day, although people with impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus should consume just 1 to 2 servings.


Carbohydrates in the form of fruit sugars are the chief calorie component of fruits. Seventy-five percent of the calories in most fruit is a mixture of dextrose and fructose. Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Pectose bodies: Pectose, the principle in fruits that causes them to jell, is found in unripe fruit; pectin is found in ripe fruit or fruit that has been cooked in a weak acid solution.

Fruit acids: Acetic acid is found in wine and vinegar. Citric acid is found in lemons, oranges, limes, and citrons. Malic acid is found in apples, pears, apricots, peaches, and currants. Oxalic acid is found in rhubarb, sorrel, and cranberries. Tartaric acid is found in grapes, pineapples, and tamarinds. Salicylic acid is found in currants, cranberries, cherries, plums, grapes, and crabapples.

Combined acids: Citric and malic acid are found in raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and cherries. Citric, malic, and oxalic acid are found in cranberries.


a plant structure consisting of one or more ripened ovaries (with or without seeds) together with any flower parts which may be associated with the ovaries. Many fruits such as the berry and drupe are succulent, but often they contain no fleshy tissue (e.g. ACHENE, NUT). See also PERICARP.


n the fully developed seed of a plant, including the surrounding flesh.

Patient discussion about fruit

Q. what is more healthy, brown sugar or fruit sugar?

A. fruit sugar

Q. Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables? what would i gain if i'll do so?

A. It is a good idea to cut back on red-meat consumption, and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet, as these factors can lower the risk for developing colo-rectal cancer, whereas red meat has been found to be a risk factor in developing the disease. Other than that, fruit and vegetables are rich with fibers, that can ease constipation and help the digestive system.

Q. Can certain fruits/veggies make Ritalin less effective? I've heard this about oranges and lemons - is it true? How about other produce? How much does it weaken Ritalin? Will taking a higher dose resolve the problem? (I currently take 10mg morning and 10mg afternoon)

A. As far as I know, oranges and lemons don't affect Ritalin. However, taking the Ritalin with food may increase the amount of drug that actually get into your body, but it depends on the specific formulation (e.g. Concerta isn't affected by food). One that takes Ritalin should avoid alcoholic drinks, since it may cause decrease activity of the brain, and also should avoid herbs of several kinds (yohimbine and ephedra).

THIS IS ONLY A GENERAL ADVICE - I haven't seen you or checked you, so if you have any concerns than you should consult a doctor.

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