frozen sections

frozen sections,

n a histologic section of tissue that has been frozen by exposure to dry ice.
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In an effort to streamline the digital pathology workflow for practitioners and technicians, OptraSCAN is releasing its next generation digital pathology system that will include key capabilities for walk-away automation, automated tissue AOI detection, smart feature' design, customization for special stains and a live view mode' app for remote frozen sections.
It was found that in 85% of the cases the frozen sections were accurate compared with the permanent sections, but in 13% of the total cases the margins were less than 1 mm.
Frozen sections of the lymph nodes are studied by the same procedure in all genitourinary malignancies.
In many centers, certain types of frozen sections, such as lymph nodes during prostatectomy or lesion identification in breast carcinoma, have either dwindled significantly or become nonexistent.
The aim our study was to determine the accuracy of frozen sections in oral cancer resections.
The role of the pathologist in interpreting central nervous system (CNS) frozen sections along with clinico-radiological correlation is to assist the neurosurgeon in making the most accurate judgment regarding the nature of the CNS lesion.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cryostat For Frozen Sections In Histopathology
By performing frozen sections instead, crystals are well preserved and allow us to see their disposition.
Editors Marchevsky, Abdul-Karim, Balzer, and Goldblum offer this surgical pathology text focused on intraoperative consultations relying on frozen sections of tissue.
Intraoperative frozen sections (FS) of sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) can be used to detect metastatic disease, allowing immediate cervical lymph node dissection in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC).
10] Studies on the accuracy of frozen sections in differentiating benign from malignant testicular masses have equivocal results; overall, however, it seems that frozen sections have an acceptable accuracy.
Argani (pathology and oncology, Johns Hopkins) and Cimino-Mathews (pathology, Johns Hopkins) present this consultation reference for surgical pathologists, containing examples of frozen sections that were not straightforward to evaluate and the ultimate diagnosis for each one.