frozen sections

frozen sections,

n a histologic section of tissue that has been frozen by exposure to dry ice.
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equipment for processing frozen sections by freeze substitution;
In cases where a lesion is strongly suspected to be benign and serum tumour markers are normal, intraoperative frozen sections may be requested.
Look for DREAM(TM) brand products in the non-dairy shelf stable sections and frozen sections of grocery and natural food stores.
Argani (pathology and oncology, Johns Hopkins) and Cimino-Mathews (pathology, Johns Hopkins) present this consultation reference for surgical pathologists, containing examples of frozen sections that were not straightforward to evaluate and the ultimate diagnosis for each one.
You can find Qrunch burgers nationwide in the gluten-free or frozen sections at Wegmans, Kroger, and Whole Foods, as well as in some local natural foods stores.
Several previous studies have compared the interpretation of microscope slides with whole slide imaging (WSI) (also known as virtual microscopy or digital microscopy; Table 1) for primary diagnosis, consultation, or interpretation of frozen sections, (1-14) but many of those studies have been limited in scope, and few have measured the baseline intraobserver variability for glass microscope slide interpretation to which WSI intraobserver variability should be compared.
There was no fruit and veg and hardly anything in the fresh or frozen sections.
Don't do frozen sections on melanoma--you get a lot of false-negatives and a lot of false-positives," Dr.
Of the initial cohort of 810 patients who have had nipple-sparing mastectomy in this institution, 83 were excluded from the study because of positive retroareolar frozen sections.
Frozen sections obtained from this area showed no evidence of tumor.
Work on our ambient and frozen sections is nearing completion, with excellent results on improved availability.