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For example, Evans and coworkers (2) have described the use of telepathology, and subsequently WSI ("virtual slides") to interpret frozen sections throughout a health network system in Toronto, Canada.
In both groups, the pre- and postoperative serum or plasma calcium values, number of frozen sections, surgical approach (unilateral vs bilateral neck dissection), anesthesia (general vs local), and length of hospital stay were recorded by examination of the patients' laboratory records, hospital charts, and surgical pathology reports.
Right inguinal testicular exploration was performed and intraoperative frozen section biopsy revealed no evidence of malignancy.
In order to provide clinicopathologic correlation of frozen section findings, the pathologist needs to be familiar with the clinical factors that affect graft suitability.
Frozen sections obtained from this area showed no evidence of tumor.
One audience member agreed with this point, noting that permanent hematoxylin and eosin stains and the frozen section margins that are taken with Mohs surgery for SCC make it difficult for pathologists to identify perineural invasion.
FILO pastry is one pastry that I doubt any busy kitchen attempts to hand make and is normally found in the frozen section of most supermarkets.
In this country, they are available both in and out of the pods in the frozen section of Asian markets and many natural food stores.
As a challenge in selecting and analyzing pure cell populations, normal breast stroma, normal ductal epithelium, ductal carcinoma in situ, and invasive ductal carcinoma were microdissected from a single frozen section of human breast (see Fig.