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Also, the strong current which sets east out of Lancaster Sound carried with it mile upon mile of what they call pack-ice--rough ice that has not frozen into fields; and this pack was bombarding the floe at the same time that the swell and heave of the storm-worked sea was weakening and undermining it.
A berg that seemed ready to carry the world before it would ground helplessly in deep water, reel over, and wallow in a lather of foam and mud and flying frozen spray, while a much smaller and lower one would rip and ride into the flat floe, flinging tons of ice on either side, and cutting a track half a mile long before it was stopped.
Nevertheless, on some islands only 360 miles northward of our new Cape Horn in Denmark, a carcass buried in the soil (or if washed into a shallow sea, and covered up with mud) would be preserved perpetually frozen.
Dumplings with meat, frozen - 5 040 kg (order and Optional)
Ice wine can only be made from grapes frozen on the vine before they're harvested.
She pulls out one of the cryovat's precious contents: a frozen sample of animal tissue that had been sent to her by a scientist that was working in Asia.
She says frozen organic convenience meals "provide another market to support organic farmers, which is good for the Earth"
As soon as a CAS frozen product leaves the plant for a conventional freezer environment, the CAS benefit begins to diminish, the ability to prevent oxidization dropping to normal levels.
Part I Freezing principles: Freezing processes: Physical aspects; Principles of freeze-concentration and freeze-drying; Principles of frozen storage; Frozen food packaging.
By acquiring Fruit-a-Freeze, CoolBrands is positioned to develop a national presence in the growing frozen fruit bar segment.
Cardinal Basil Hume of England, when asked, offered the simple opinion that frozen embryos "are frozen human life and [therefore] should be.