frontal plate

fron·tal plate

in the fetus, a cartilage plate between the lateral parts of ethmoid cartilage and the developing sphenoid bone.
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The frontal plate and parafrontalia of the head are silver-white-dusted.
Head grey-dusted throughout, with exception of silver-white-dusted frontal plate and parafrontalia.
The frontal plate and parafrontlia of the head are golden silver-dusted.
Head grey-dusted all over, with the exception of the golden silver-dusted frontal plate and parafrontalia.
DIAGNOSIS: This species is known from male and female specimens and is recognized by the following combination of characters: body mostly orangish brown, with fuscous pronotum and abdomen; clypeus enlarged; male frontal plate posteriorly arcuate, terminating past posterior margin of eyes (Fig.
monteithi is larger, and in the male of this species the posterior termination of the frontal plate is closer to the posterior margin of the eye than in M.
This species is the most distinct in the genus, with its unique frontal plate, which is strongly tapered posteriorly (Figs4g, 13).
4g); frontal plate strongly tapered posteriorly (Fig.
Head: Leading edge of frontal plate with moderate distribution of short to elongate setae; vertex and gula with sparse distribution of more elongate setae.
Frons + vertex profile: evenly arcuate = 0; frontal plate = 1.
This clade is the least supported with a single synapomorphy (7-1: posterior margin of female frontal plate angulate) and a bootstrap value of 65.
He now has two frontal plates and 13 screws in his face and cannot engage in the full-contact game for at least a year.