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With more than a hint of the BMW 3-Series, I particularly like its gaping bonnet scoop, and for once there's a frontal aspect that isn't going to frighten small children.
I've spoken to the editor, who himself walks around with the Western Mail logo tattooed on his forehead, and you'll find me at the Royal Welsh Show next month, stripped to the waist and with the entire front page stamped on my frontal aspect, the back page on my back.
The very next things Judd created were the Specific Objects, with their aggressive materials, blocky and inert shapes, and bland repetitions combining to obscure any sense of a definable frontal aspect or face by which they present themselves to an audience.
It changed an inoffensive frontal aspect into a weirdly bug-eyed physiognomy.
EXTERIOR The frontal aspect of the imposing five-bedroom property in Washington.
The Impreza's gawky frontal aspect will be tidied up and there will be changes to every exterior panel except the rear bumper and doors.
I like the way the rear end sweeps up, the neat smooth curve of the roof's silhouette and how well the aggressive frontal aspect suits this tin-top trinket.
The frontal aspect could be better and there are too many horizontal lines strobing along the car's flanks.
Now called the Unlimited, that familiar seven-slatted frontal aspect remains, but a stretched wheelbase and two more doors make it a five-seater and one of the roomiest Jeeps ever.
While I approve of the sheer bravery of the design, the Vel Satis is anything but pretty, with messy rear treatment, a roofline that's too high and an angry frontal aspect.
Dark headlamps, steely frontal aspect, massive front spoiler, 20in wheels, triangular twin exhausts and more bulges and bodykit than a Californian hot rod shop combine to make this the maddest Civic ever.
That bizarre frontal aspect may at first glance put you off, but it still remains the best value banshee in the world.