frontal cortex

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fron·tal cor·tex

cortext of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere; originally, the entire cortical expanse anterior to the central sulcus, including the agranular motor and premotor cortex (Brodmann areas 4 and 6), the dysgranular cortex (Brodmann area 8), and the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex anterior to the latter; now more often refers to the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex.
Synonym(s): frontal area

fron·tal cor·tex

(frŏn'tăl kōr'teks)
Cortex of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere.
Synonym(s): frontal area.

Frontal cortex

The part of the human brain associated with aggressiveness and impulse control. Abnormalities in the frontal cortex are associated with an increased risk of suicide.
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As the frontal cortex (especially the prefrontal cortex) is developing during childhood and adolescence (Diamond, 2002), functions housed in the frontal areas are the most vulnerable to sex differences resulting from the actions of lead exposure.
At around age 12, connections of other parts of the brain with frontal areas begin to gain a fatty layer of myelin.
The desire was more frontal area and more weight, thus more effective killing potential and somewhat longer, effective range.
In comparison to other models in the range it has a lower weight and a reduced aerodynamic drag resulting from a smaller frontal area that will achieve significant gains in fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
12) demonstrated that although there was a good correlation between the radiographic total cardiac volume and echocardiographic ventricular volumes; especially left-sided lesions in children; cardiothoracic ratio and cardiac frontal area did not correlate with echocardiographic measurements.
The heat transfer rate and the minimum temperature difference of refrigerant and air at the refrigerant outlet when frontal area is changed are shown in Figure 9.
The tests that assessed executive function localized to the parietal and frontal area were seen to be most predictive of mortality, particularly in subjects who were also hypoxemic.
It's as aerodynamic as a brick and with a huge air scoop bulging from the bonnet has a frontal area of 34.
The pleasure circuits are connected to the frontal area of the brain - the area where values are formulated, judgments are made and priorities are set.
Carapace with two orange-brown spots posterior to the frontal area and five dark spots on each side; frontal area light yellow with a black ocular tubercle rounded with a brown circle; sulcus dark brown from which radiate four shallow grooves.
Typically, this filter frontal area is four to six times the choke area.
The frontal area is not the best habitat for the squirrels and we do not foresee that removing those shorter stumpy trees from the front will have an adverse impact on the population.