fringe benefits

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fringe benefits, the benefits, other than wages or salary, provided by an employer for employees (e.g., health insurance, vacation time, disability income).
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8226; Review Tax rules on fringe benefits and to determine the correct taxation amount of those benefits
Fringe benefits as well as glass, basic, visual and dirt Matt cleaning retirement home At the Zoo, 2 seniors meeting places and in the management of the network Lichtenberger Retirement Homes.
The tax treatment of fringe benefits is complex and often misunderstood.
De minimis fringe benefits include property or services provided to employees that have such a small value that accounting for them would be impractical (Sec.
the nation's largest provider of consumer-directed benefits solutions - is pleased to announce the acquisition of the tax favored and benefits continuation administration business of Fringe Benefits Management Company, based in Tallahassee, FL.
Many of us do not receive allowances and fringe benefits.
With the enactment of the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 (DRA 1984), (1) Congress at last addressed the federal income taxation treatment of nonstatutory fringe benefits, (2) an area that had been shaped by administrative pronouncements of the Internal Revenue Service (Service) (3) punctuated by judicial oversight.
These contributions also appear to be taxable fringe benefits subject to section 3402(a) income tax withholding, and wages subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes.
Fuller says that fringe benefits coming under particular scrutiny include tax treatment of corporate aircraft for personal travel, including use by executive's spouses or other family members.
LAVISHING great perks and fringe benefits on public employees has long been the norm in Los Angeles, but county Supervisor Michael D.