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Adicionalmente la calidad de los embriones somaticos producidos con estas hormonas fue menor dado que se observo mayor cantidad de callo friable no embriogenico y los clusteres de embriones dentro de este eran de menor tamano.
6 No Growing state 1 -- 2 3 4 Hard , compact, pale 5 6 7 loose, spongy 8 9 10 compact, hard, granular 11 12 13 14 15 16 light compact 17 18 19 Loose, spongy, friable 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 IAA:Indol-3-acetic acid NAA:1-Naphthalene acid BA: Benzyladenine
Rotary cutters screen classified to reduce friable and fibrous scrap or in-process materials to granular Or semi-fine particle size.
You will need deep, friable soil for the long varieties, but shorter varieties can grow in any soil in sun or light shade.
The concept is based on the fact that less water is required to develop compactabilities and lower compactabilities will starve the system for water demand, resulting in slightly more friable sand with better flowability.
Asbestos is typically classified as friable or nonfriable.
It also provides air pockets when mixed with soil, to make the soil more friable (basically it improves the texture).
Instead, they only restored value to the property that existed prior to the asbestos becoming friable.
Prison inmates sued officials alleging that the officials did not make a sufficient response to problems caused by the presence of friable asbestos.
Not only are organic mediums good for annual beds, but the act of incorporation breaks up the soil so plants' tiny roots can strike out into loose, friable ground and hold essential moisture," he says.
Exiled from Chile after the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende (she has since returned to her homeland), the artist creates poetry, performances, and sculpture that rely on the fragile and the friable - those aspects of language, action, and objects that, as she has said, are "twice precarious, they come from prayer and predict their own destruction.