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, pl.


(frē'tŭm, -tă),
A strait; a constriction.


, pl. freta (frē'tŭm, -tă)
A strait; constriction.
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320[degrees], having expanded primarily north-south, impinging upon Pandorae Fretum, and reaching and occupying Argyre.
On Jul 18-19 Peach was able to faintly image Pandorae Fretum and Sinus Sabaeus, though Meridiani Sinus was absent.
Pandorae Fretum was dusky and complete in 2005, as it had been in late 2003, though it had been incomplete prior to the 2003 Nov southern Regional dust storm.
Argyre and over SE Solis Lacus, with the original core in Valles Marineris subsiding; Oct 22, Noachis-Argyre-Thaumasia-Solis Lacus dust expansion, a long dust streak running NE to SW cutting Pandorae Fretum in the north, and Mare Acidalium faded by dust; Oct 23, brilliant dust core at Solis Lacus onf.
polar hood, and by then Hellespontus and Yaonis Fretum could be resolved.
Pandorae Fretum was not visible prior to the 2003 Jun-Jul regional storm, and that event did not affect its visibility.
On Dec 29-Jan 1 van der Velden's images (Figure 12A) show Pandorae Fretum darkened.
The recording of Staten Landt, Fretum le Maire, and the coastline through to Barnevelts Eylanden in the first state of Polus Antarcticus (Map 1b--Tierra del Fuego, Excerpt from the first state of Polus Antarcticus) proves Hondius' detailed knowledge of the discoveries prior to 1637.
Yaonis Fretum/Hellespontus were as usual dark (the latter clearly divided by Yaonis Regio), and Nerei Depressiones was a dark patch on Yaonis Fretum.
This aspect of a band crossing Noachis was very similar to 1986: it was too far south to have been taken for Pandorae Fretum, though there was some slight shading at the W.