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The old woman listened, and forgot to be fretful, unconsciously subject to the soothing influence of Dinah's face and voice.
And poor, aged, fretful Lisbeth, without grasping any distinct idea, without going through any course of religious emotions, felt a vague sense of goodness and love, and of something right lying underneath and beyond all this sorrowing life.
I only wish I had such eyes,' the King remarked in a fretful tone.
There are evils worse than death," said Duncan, speaking hoarsely, and as if fretful at her importunity, "but which the presence of one who would die in your behalf may avert.
The first day or two my charge sat in a corner of the library, too sad for either reading or playing: in that quiet state she caused me little trouble; but it was succeeded by an interval of impatient, fretful weariness; and being too busy, and too old then, to run up and down amusing her, I hit on a method by which she might entertain herself.
Private insurers, just like NHIF, do not cover elective CS fretful of its cost implications and only pay for emergency cases.
Halepoto maintained that opponents were perturbed and fretful after seeing the people's large number of the participation in the public gathering held at Mirpur Khas to mark 90th birthday anniversary of Shaheed ZA Bhutto.
4 (ANI): The United States is entangled in domestic political in-fighting and its foreign policy strategies are self-contradictory, and this has led to state-run media in China to label the current administration in Washington as being narcissistic, fretful, arrogant, aimless and reckless.
and NATO have responded to Russia's perceived escalation of flexing its military might by positioning more troops and equipment in and around NATO countries, but countries like Lithuania have said they are fretful over Russia's movements and have questioned its motives.
No eye contact on leaving and ignoring him when you return can make his problem worse, because those things will make him more fretful about you leaving.
When Matthew was little, I worried about everything, forever fretful in case somehow he encountered a situation I had left him vulnerable to or unprepared for.
With a frail, fretful Emma Thompson also on hand as Gleeson's wife, distributors may find a receptive older audience for a downbeat tale that, while affecting, offers but a historical tourist's perspective on events.