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the degree to which meat, or other biological material, approximates the state it was in at the time of slaughter or harvest. In meat freshness is determined by the developing acidity due to proteolytic degeneration of the muscle fibers and the oxidation of the fat.

freshness meters
several commercial instruments are available. They depend on the measurement of the pH of the surface of the meat.

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There was a feeling of freshness and vigour in the very streets; and when I got free of the town, when my foot was on the sands and my face towards the broad, bright bay, no language can describe the effect of the deep, clear azure of the sky and ocean, the bright morning sunshine on the semicircular barrier of craggy cliffs surmounted by green swelling hills, and on the smooth, wide sands, and the low rocks out at sea--looking, with their clothing of weeds and moss, like little grass-grown islands--and above all, on the brilliant, sparkling waves.
Barter not the light and air of heaven, and the freshness of earth and all the beautiful things which breathe upon it, for the cold cloister and the cell.
Saxon, brooding over her problem of retaining Billy's love, of never staling the freshness of their feeling for each other and of never descending from the heights which at present they were treading, felt herself impelled toward Mrs.
It was the freshness and the newness' of your beauty and you, the mystery of you, that won your man.
A too, too smiling large man, with a fatal freshness on him, appearing with his wife, instantly deserts his wife and darts at Twemlow with:
She will be,' in his fatal freshness he seems to find perpetual verdure and eternal youth in the phrase, 'she will be so glad of the opportunity, I am sure
In this complicated dilemma, Mr Veneering approaches the large man with extended hand and, smilingly assures that incorrigible personage that he is delighted to see him: who in his fatal freshness instantly replies:
It was on this lady, then, that Mr Swiveller burst in full freshness as something new and hitherto undreamed of, lighting up the office with scraps of song and merriment, conjuring with inkstands and boxes of wafers, catching three oranges in one hand, balancing stools upon his chin and penknives on his nose, and constantly performing a hundred other feats with equal ingenuity; for with such unbendings did Richard, in Mr Brass's absence, relieve the tedium of his confinement.
para]]The World's Largest Casual Dining Mexican Restaurant Creates New Menu Line Packed with Freshness and Bold, Crave-able Flavors[[/para]]
UPM and Indicatorium Oy have entered into an agreement for the international commercialisation of the food freshness indicator technology developed by UPM.
This version, for instance, combines soft apple and pear fruit with a touch of spice and a food-friendly savoury edge - along with tangy orange centred citrus influences that provide freshness that provide freshness 2013 Extra Special Gavi (Currently PS6 at Asda) Unlike the verdicchio just mentioned, Gavi is very much on trend at present and this example fully justifies that star status.
Freshness Plus active barrier films protect packaged baked goods from oxygen exposure while preserving flavor, aroma and appearance.