distribution curve

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dis·tri·bu·tion curve

a systematic grouping of data into classes or categories according to the frequency of occurrence of each successive value or ranges of such values, resulting in a graph of a frequency distribution.
Synonym(s): frequency curve
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Eventually, the fittest frequency curves will emerge that endow the synthetic vocal with the most realistic characteristics of human singing.
Or they can use a fitted Weibull curve, which adds a theoretical dimension and is more complicated than a simple failure frequency curve, but is often misunderstood by decision makers.
In one of the earliest attempts, Brassel and Utano (1979) developed a software package to design conventional box and continuous tone legends along with a cumulative frequency curve on the top.
As part of the special initiative, McKinsey, SwissRE is helping the city develop loss frequency curves to calculate the potential cost to the city of various disaster scenarios.
We simulate displacement transfer function frequency curves of some observation nodes, which are chosen from the top surface to the bottom surface of the model, as shown in Fig.
These modeling systems take into consideration a number of possible catastrophic events using event loss frequency curves and cat modeling outputs.

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