distribution curve

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dis·tri·bu·tion curve

a systematic grouping of data into classes or categories according to the frequency of occurrence of each successive value or ranges of such values, resulting in a graph of a frequency distribution.
Synonym(s): frequency curve
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Eventually, the fittest frequency curves will emerge that endow the synthetic vocal with the most realistic characteristics of human singing.
Or they can use a fitted Weibull curve, which adds a theoretical dimension and is more complicated than a simple failure frequency curve, but is often misunderstood by decision makers.
To validate that the location of the scattering center corresponds to the place where perpendicular back-reflection occurs, the simulated Doppler frequency curve of sliding scattering center SC1 is compared with the real signatures in TFR of backscattered signal from the extended target, as shown in Figs.
Washington, May 8 (ANI): Making computer-generated vocals a success has been a distant dream, since the tweaking of the frequency curve is labor intensive and prone to human error.
It is constructed as a frequency curve by sorting the profile data in descending order.
The result of the measurement of the speed versus frequency curve (the dispersion curve) depends on seven parameters: the Young's modulus of the substrate and the Young's modulus of the film.
frequency curve for a polyester material, showing a dielectric constant of 3.
Therefore, line 2 is likely the meshing frequency curve of high speed shaft.
The curve for DR 2 also has a break at -70 [degrees] C, similar to the resonant frequency curve.

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