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1. Frenzied; maniacal.
2. A person exhibiting such behavior.
[G. phrenitikos, frenzied]
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Sales of alcohol are also strong, but Patel, who is in discussions with a couple of potential buyers of his three small, but frenetically busy, c-stores In laws change.
Mosegaard's constant "name-dropping" and references to current events--including the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001--suggest two things: Uhyret fra Betlhem was written and published frenetically, with no reflection or serious thought, almost as though Mosegaard grabbed the latest headline and "ran with it," overlooking propriety, respect for still raw nerves and sensibilities, and human decency along the way; or, Mosegaard opted for the maximum in shock value and poor taste in an effort to horrify his readers.
But Minasi does not seem to be doing so most of the time; instead, he uses his solos as opportunities to throw out long, senseless strings of melodically and rhythmically chaotic material, often doing little more than moving a single chord shape frenetically up and down the fretboard.
work frenetically to meet a deadline and then the next day go in the hospital," recalls Micah Sifry, a friend and former associate Editor at The Nation.
So insistently did Renaissance writers hammer at the issue of vagrancy;" Linda Woodbridge says at the outset of her new study, "so frenetically did the Tudors legislate against vagrancy, that R.
In February 1965, when the text of Schema XIII, as the Pastoral Constitution was then called, was being frenetically finalized, "the young bishop of Cracow, K.
At one point the men, led by a slinky Toney, slid into a group pose straight out of a men's fashion magazine as the women frenetically danced their hearts out.
Torvalds then spent his adolescence programming frenetically in the 1990s and used the Internet to spread his open-source code free of charge.
The feature film version was cut so frenetically that it plays like the mini-series on speed.
I joined my hands and bowed toward the empty tabernacle to honor the world shown to us by this place, a world of quiet and kindness and community, a world whose inhabitants worked hard but not frenetically, laughed a lot and cooked good meals, kept odd hours and sometimes dressed oddly, too.
Though the ultra-violent, often nihilistic social climate we now live in makes it seem implausible, Public Enemy's progressive social agenda along with the Bomb Squad's frenetically seductive beats made Public Enemy, for a time, the most popular rap group in the country.
Macario is about to be KO'd when the priest jumps up on a chair and begins to pray frenetically to Saint Luke, the town's patron.