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1. Frenzied; maniacal.
2. A person exhibiting such behavior.
[G. phrenitikos, frenzied]
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Game day is the one day of the week that Polamalu isn't so soft-spoken or thoughtful, the one day on which he can play the role of the frenetic warrior.
Paul Smee, director general of the CML, said: "All types of lending show positive year-onyear growth but the rate of increase is not as frenetic as at the end of 2013.
There's a huge arsenal of weaponry at your disposal - but at times you feel like you're tripping over the camera Challenge mode adds an extra bit of frenetic fun to the content on offer outside the main game - but the action falls way short of High Moon's Transformers: War for Cybertron.
Summary: Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney will make a frenetic dash to a series of swing states with 24 hours before voters go to the polls.
It's as frenetic as the earlier films but, crucially, not as funny.
STICKING with the rockabilly genre, the band playing the Cluny tonight take the sound to an even more frenetic pitch.
Seemingly bringing out the best of both eras, Generations already feels fast, frenetic and, unlike some recent Sonic outings, fun.
I just don't think Afridi is the sort of guy you should put in charge of a cricket team because he is so frenetic, he does idiotic things like he did with holing out (against Australia).
The dancers, who masterfully perform the sometimes frenetic choreography, always deliver charged dramatic performances.
At least that was my impression when I first saw the writer-director's frenetic, candy-colored, irresistible screwball farce Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown nearly 20 years age.
Aside from the rather frenetic pace of the plot, the theme of this story is the blessings that come with having a charitable heart.
McKay's film avoids the frenetic editing and hip-hop-drenched soundtracks that are aimed at such audiences.