freezing point depression

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freez·ing point de·pres·sion

(frēz'ing poynt dĕ-prĕs'shŭn)
A method used to determine osmotic concentration by comparing freezing point of a solution with values of a pure solvent. The lower the freezing point, the higher the osmotic pressure.
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1,2) In clinical osmometry, the freezing point depression method is more routinely used, because it is more precise and more accurate than the vapor pressure depression method.
It should be noted that freezing point depression and boiling point elevation experiments always have relatively large errors because results are dependent upon the accurate measurement of small temperature changes.
Determination of Concentrations by Freezing Point Depression Experiments
It has particular benefits for ice cream manufacturers where difficulties in balancing sweetness, freezing point depression and texture can be overcome through the use of C*-Bio-Sweet.
The effects of surface texture curvature on ice nucleation, local liquid confinement on freezing point depression, and mesoscale texture features on interfacial thermofluidics, have intertwined and sometimes counteracting impacts on surface icing behavior, which we aim at unraveling, to determine pathways to high performance surfaces.
Hardness and freezing point and also the freezing point depression factor kept within the usual limits, so that no particular detriment to melting characteristics need be expected.