freeze drying

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freeze drying,

n the freezing of heat-sensitive liquid materials in a vacuum to preserve the characteristics of the substrate and remove the volume of water or liquid by sublimation.
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Lot 4 supply of freeze-dried meat couscous dishes Mini quantity 25 000, max quantities 100 000 over 3 years.
Four new Merrick Backcountry dry recipes deliver a perfect combination of protein-rich, grain-free kibble plus real whole pieces of raw, freeze-dried meat, fish or poultry.
The company uses a flash-freezing continuous drying system that results in strong freeze-dried coffee particles with less percentage of coffee dust and better encapsulation of flavors and aromas.
The storage stability of freeze-dried powders was studied by parameters such as loss of viability on the Plate Count Agar (PCA), electrical conductivity and evolution in membrane composition by measuring the ratio of unsaturated/saturated fatty acid.
The key was to establish a process that would produce freeze-dried cubes with less than 10% moisture.
Freeze-dried salmon products also fit into the recommendations of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
Thus, the new contract will have no influence on the ongoing contracts, but represents an additional business opportunity and will expectedly constitute the gateway towards securing additional contracts for this new freeze-dried version with the US Government and outside the US as well.
The inoculated samples were placed into a buffered suspension of freeze-dried bacteriocin powders, incubated at 4 C for 24 hours to 72 hours, and plated onto appropriate selective media.
The Army saw the opportunity to bring freeze-dried plasma safely back to the marketplace, and initiated a research program in 2000.
With the liquid dye kit, you no longer need to do the steps in Para 5 in WP 0027 00 in TM 3-6665-350-12&P, which had to do with preparing the old freeze-dried kit.
With popular cereal makers such as Kellogg's and Post sweetening up their cereals with strawberries and other freeze-dried fruit, farmers in the state will increasingly rely on after-season fruit sales.