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1. In health care economics, to limit expenditures to current levels.
2. In health care economics, to block increases in reimbursement.

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Q. why my hands are getting purple and freezing?

A. thank you, but these answers are not correct answers for my question

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1989) concluded that bulls donating larger volume of neat semen with higher mass activity are supposed to produce freezable semen.
One of the notable observations in this regard is the maximum incidence of subfertility in the KF males among the dairy bulls; simultaneously the freezable semen production ability was also less in crossbred cattle.
It Is waterproof to 10 metres and freezable to - 10.
The unit's bottom is freezable to keep the milk cold, while a spill-proof top holds the cereal.
Serves One',which hits stores on September 1, is packaged in freezable, printed polypropylene exclusive to Tesco and is a first for food packaging, according to Tesco head of design Jeremy Lindley.
Ready-sliced hams and freezable party food have all evolved to satisfy the cravings of the cordon bleu Christmas Cheat.
They come with reusable water bottles that are dishwasher safe and freezable, but users may replace bottles with their favorite bottled water brands.
The Quick Chill, above (about $12, from Sierra Housewares), is one of several freezable jackets that chill a room-temperature bottle in 10 to 15 minutes.
The Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster from Hasbro (ages 6 to 12) has a freezable core that makes every blast of water ice cold.
PackIt keeps foods cool with proprietary freezable gel technology.