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On the other hand, Freebase and CAF-SIAL systems were easier to use.
She attended parties, drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and started to smoke cocaine freebase.
A small minority of them tried smoking it in freebase or crack form, and some smaller minority of that minority smoked it enough to get into trouble with it.
Until now it has not been known how much freebase nicotine various types of cigarette contain.
If cocaine is legalized, will crack, a freebase form of cocaine that has been responsible for tremendous amounts of violence and addiction, also be made legal?
Early reports on freebase use suggested that repetition of doses may occur at five to thirty minutes, sometimes for days at a time (Siegel 1982; Murray 1986; Sterk-Elifson and Elifson 1993).
Cocaine sometimes is converted to a freebase form and smoked in a crack pipe, water pipe or mixed with tobacco in a cigarette.
One of the book's most poignant scenes has her bargaining with God as her hotel room fills with smoke from a raging fire: If she's able to take a hit of a freebase pipe, she's meant to die.
It is still uncompromising, hardcore dance and features such mixes as Feel Your Body Burn by Ian M, Lock 'n' Load's Blow Ya Mind and Freebase by Tall Paul.
Although he landed a few small TV parts, Bonaduce realized he had hit bottom in 1988 when his mom tracked him down in a dingy motel room on Sunset Boulevard, where he weighed just 112 pounds and was subsisting on a diet of freebase and orange juice.
Pankow likens this to treating cocaine with alkaline materials to create the more lipid-soluble, potent freebase cocaine known as crack.
Cocaine paste and freebase are intermediate substances produced during refinement of coca leaves to cocaine.