free water

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1. a clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid, H2O.
2. an aqueous solution of a medicinal substance; called also aromatic water.
bound water water in the tissues of the body bound to macromolecules or organelles.
distilled water water that has been purified by distillation.
free water that portion of the water in body tissues which is not bound by macromolecules or organelles.
water for injection water for parenteral use, prepared by distillation or reverse osmosis and meeting certain standards for sterility and clarity; it may be specified as sterile if it has been sterilized and as bacteriostatic if suitable antimicrobial agents have been added.
purified water water obtained by either distillation or deionization; used when mineral-free water is required.

free wa·ter

water in the body that can be removed by ultrafiltration and in which substances can be dissolved.

free water

that portion of the water in body tissue that is not bound by macromolecules or organelles.
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It also ruled that, especially given the importance of clean water to people with HIV, the South African constitutional guarantee of a right to water required that people receive 50 liters per day of free water.
The Kirklees Council cabinet will decide later today when it meets in Huddersfield to issue free water butts to Kirklees residents.
Free water and particulate matter, specifically rust, are the major contaminants arising out of bulk storage.
The only way for nurses to get free water was to stay on their wards at break times.
The vasopressin receptor antagonist VPA-985 improves renal free water excretion and dilutional hyponatremia in patients with advanced cirrhosis and ascites, or with congestive heart failure, said Dr.
Rest areas in clubs where people can get free water to cool down is a sensible idea, particularly if they have taken Ecstasy.
INSTALL a butt to collect the free water that rolls off your roof.
Filtration systems must take these into account in order to maintain particle free water.
The free water taxi service will originate at the Chattanooga Pier at Ross' Landing.
A man is fighting a High Court battle to keep a village's right to receive free water.
Anglican Journal had free water bottles for thirsty delegates, checked subscription information and educated delegates on its work and mandate.
This would reduce the amount of free water needed to be obtained from the vegetation by individual voles.