free gingival margin

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(mar'jin) [L. margo, border]
1. A border or boundary such as the edge of a structure, or of a pathological specimen removed from the body surgically. See: margo
2. In dentistry, the apical extent or boundary of enamel adjacent to the cementum of the tooth root; the junction of a restoration with the cavosurface angle of a prepared cavity in enamel.

costal margin

The lower (abdominal) border of the front of the rib cage formed by the costal cartilages of ribs 7 to 10.

free gingival margin


gingival margin


margin of resection

Surgical margin.

surgical margin

The border of a tissue specimen that has been removed surgically from the body. It is often marked with an indelible dye to make it easily visible to the pathologist.

Patient care

When obtaining biopsy specimens from a patient, the practitioner's goal is to obtain a tissue specimen that completely surrounds the lesion, so that the margins are free, i.e. not visibly penetrated by tumor cells.

Synonym: margin of resection
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Healthy gingival tissues have a free gingiva that extends from the free gingival margin coronally to the gingival groove apically.
The free gingival margin presents a distinct linear red band with an increased tendency to bleed spontaneously and it is resistant to conventional periodontal therapy.
But in today's practice, apart from being healthy, there should be a certain degree of harmony and continuity of the free gingival margin.