free fatty acid

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free fatty acid (FFA)

Etymology: AS, freo + faett + L, acidus, sour
a nonesterified fatty acid, released by the hydrolysis of triglycerides within adipose tissue. Free fatty acids can be used as an immediate source of energy by many organs and can be converted by the liver into ketone bodies.

free fat·ty ac·id

(FFA) (frē fatē aśid)
A blood product that occurs due to the digestion of triglycerides.

free fatty acid

Abbreviation: FFA
The form in which a fatty acid leaves the cell to be transported for use in another part of the body. FFAs are not esterified and may be unbound (not bound to protein). In the plasma, the nonesterified fatty acids released immediately combine with albumin to form bound free fatty acids.
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It is evident from the results that supplementation with 500 mg kg-1day-1 of coriander seeds did not cause significant changes in blood triglycerides (TGs) and plasma free fatty acids (FFAs).
Quality indices are the free fatty acids, peroxide, anisidine, phosphorus and other similar values.
Table 1: Free fatty acid liberated at 30 days of growth on castor oil medium (with castor oil as sole carbon source) Name of isolate Lipolytic activity as % Free fatty acid 15 days 30 days Aspergillus chevallieri 21.
Determination of free fatty acids was done by AOCS (Cd 3d-63) [7].
Production is using transesterification of free fatty acids.
Rob Schelkun of NextDiesel Biodiesel for helpful discussions on free fatty acid determinations.
What is the relationship between rancidity and free fatty acid content of fat?
A colorimetric assay for free fatty acid (FFA) was used to assess phospholipase activity (30).
In the present study, an effort was made to define a fat detection threshold for the free fatty acid, linoleic acid, and examine the ability of linoleic acid to modulate the intake of another tastant, sucrose.
The independent variables were roasting temperature and duration while oil yield, moisture content, free fatty acid, colour, refractive index and specific gravity of the oil were the dependent variables.
In evaluating the oil potential of the extracted oil, the refractive index, density, saponification value, Acid value, Free Fatty Acid (FFA), moisture content, peroxide value and oil yield were determined using standard method as suggested by Association of Official Analytical Chemical (AOAC, 2012) [14].
Non-variation in free fatty acid and peroxide value of freshly extracted milk fat has been reported by Nadeem et al.