free fatty acid

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free fatty acid (FFA)

Etymology: AS, freo + faett + L, acidus, sour
a nonesterified fatty acid, released by the hydrolysis of triglycerides within adipose tissue. Free fatty acids can be used as an immediate source of energy by many organs and can be converted by the liver into ketone bodies.

free fat·ty ac·id

(FFA) (frē fatē aśid)
A blood product that occurs due to the digestion of triglycerides.

free fatty acid

Abbreviation: FFA
The form in which a fatty acid leaves the cell to be transported for use in another part of the body. FFAs are not esterified and may be unbound (not bound to protein). In the plasma, the nonesterified fatty acids released immediately combine with albumin to form bound free fatty acids.
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d) There are discrepancies between the total fatty acid and free fatty acid profiles for lauric, myristic, oleic and linoleic acids in product III, which is supposed to be pure saw palmetto extract.
In states of adiposity, processing of excess free fatty acids by the mitochondrion causes mitochondrial uncoupling and release of ROS (24), although exact mechanisms of this process are still debated (25).
2], quadratic model was appropriate for oil yield (OY), pH, refractive index (RI), and colour (CO) while cubic model was found to be suitable to express the specific gravity (SG) and free fatty acid content (FFA) of the oil.
We have shown that the amount of free fatty acids in Saw Palmetto extract can be calculated as the difference between total fatty acid content and bound fatty acid content.
An enzymatic method for the determination of free fatty acids in serum/plasma.
Plasma concentrations of free fatty acids (FFAs) [1] are increased in diabetes mellitus type 2 (1) and other states of insulin resistance, particularly in obesity (2) associated with impaired insulin secretion (3).
The first reaction turns the free fatty acids into biodiesel, but that conversion requires sulfuric acid.
Free fatty acid concentrations increased during storage for 2 days at room temperature, and the increase was correlated with the initial triglyceride concentration (r = 0.
To understand how flaxseed from a particular crop year will perform in manufacturing, a customer would look at factors like oil content and free fatty acid composition as these values affect the manufacturing process.
Overweight subjects were randomized in three groups and supplemented for one year either with CLA given as free fatty acid or as triglycerides and compared with a placebo (olive oil).
Cooperativity of warfarin binding with human serum albumin induced by free fatty acid anion.
5 to about 5:1 in triglyceride, free fatty acid or ethyl-ester forms included