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adj 1. relating to actions without proper qualifications.
2. relating to actions that purposely intend to deceive.
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5, 2014, Lopp fraudulently obtained $19,650 in cash advances from two Kansas branches of the $282 million Great Plains Federal Credit Union of Joplin, Mo.
Aaron Tyler fraudulently claimed to have been inside a car involved in the accident and fraudulently received medical treatment for injuries allegedly incurred during the collision.
Both were found guilty of both conspiracy to steal and fraudulently trading.
6 in Faulkner County Circuit Court allege Kathy Koone Hall, 48, the former executive director, fraudulently billed the Arkansas Medicaid program for $90,556 between 2012 and 2013.
She admitted a total of seven counts of fraud - including acting as the designated recipient for thousands in benefits that her daughter Gemma was fraudulently claiming.
Newcastle Crown Court heard she has been forced to sell her house in order to repay the money she fraudulently claimed.
She enjoyed lavish holidays abroad, while fraudulently claiming over PS140,000 which should have been used to support people with genuine needs.
fraudulently put any ballot paper or other paper into the ballot box; or
She told the Commons: "It now transpires they are claiming the information they had had been used fraudulently to try and obtain credit in my name.
Gulbir Singh Madan, Nehru's son- in- law, has been accused of fraudulently taking 151 acre of lands from farmers of Ulhawas village and taking housing licence from the Town and Country Planning department in the name of his company, then known as Krish Buildtech Pvt Ltd, in 2010.
All are suspected of fraudulently applying for genuine passports or driving licences using hijacked identities.
The scheme involved fraudulently inflating share prices and trading volumes of certain penny stocks.