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adj 1. relating to actions without proper qualifications.
2. relating to actions that purposely intend to deceive.
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The fraudulent criminal websites appear first in search results, so the victims to click on them.
He allegedly did this by submitting fraudulent tax returns on their behalf, claiming that they were entitled to tax deductions for, among other things, working abroad, working from home and having disabilities or medical expenses.
The competent committee took 30 days to investigate the fraud charges against the accused after the Public Prosecutor issued an order against those running the fraudulent investment scheme on May 3.
for using the same fraudulent scheme to claim over $23 million in bogus refunds for customers.
Report other fraudulent contacts either to the FBI or to the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center.
In ABC's alleged fraud, the CPA might be required to restate the shareholders' equity in light of the fraudulent financial statements.
The district court held that the FUFTA allows creditors only to set aside fraudulent transfers.
2214, the Reduction in Distribution (RID) of Spam Act--would allow consumers to opt-out of receiving commercial e-mail, prohibit the sending of a message containing a false sender identity, and provide criminal and civil penalties to fight fraudulent spam.
In 1997, COSO published Fraudulent Financial Reporting: 1987-1997--An Analysis of U.
6501(c)(1) provides that, in the case of a fraudulent return with the intent to evade tax, the IRS may assess tax (or begin a proceeding in court for collection of such tax without assessment) at any time.
Enterprise Security Manager provides vulnerability assessment capabilities on machines that have executed one or both of the fraudulent certificates.
Each year, American consumers lose approximately $40 billion due to fraudulent sales via the telephone.