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The impulse of gratitude swelled my heart, and I knelt down at the bedside, and offered up thanks where thanks were due; not forgetting, ere I rose, to implore aid on my further path, and the power of meriting the kindness which seemed so frankly offered me before it was earned.
Wish and learn to smooth away the surly wrinkles, to raise your lids frankly, and change the fiends to confident, innocent angels, suspecting and doubting nothing, and always seeing friends where they are not sure of foes.
Well, it was rather funny to say it," she admitted frankly, "because his nose does turn up and he has a big mouth and his clothes have patches all over them and he talks broad Yorkshire, but--but if an angel did come to Yorkshire and live on the moor--if there was a Yorkshire angel--I believe he'd understand the green things and know how to make them grow and he would know how to talk to the wild creatures as Dickon does and they'd know he was friends for sure.
Yes," said Magdalen; "and I'll tell you frankly afterward what I think of it.
I never hesitate to admit, frankly, that there are some members of our family who want a friend.
Tell me frankly," I said, "have you had your fill of Aphrodite?
This, my dear friend, I have found the most difficult part of my task; and, to speak frankly, I hardly expect to satisfy your less partial judgment, and more extensive knowledge of such subjects, since I have hardly been able to please my own.
The chevalier had repudiated the ridiculous costume still preserved by certain monarchical old men; he had frankly modernized himself.
Yet -- I take shame to be forced to confess it -- my brother has not yet grasped the nature of the Third Dimension, and frankly avows his disbelief in the existence of a Sphere.
Friend Ned, answer me frankly, are you tired of being on board?
Well, this time," said the cardinal, "it is not necessary to steal his confidence, but to present yourself frankly and loyally as a negotiator.
No evasions; speak boldly, frankly -- I command you to do so.