frail elderly

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frail elderly
1. individuals over 65 years old who have functional impairments.
2. sometimes used to describe any adult over 75 years old.

frail elderly

Older persons with medical, nutritional, cognitive, emotional, or activity impairments. These deficits may limit their ability to live independently and predispose them to illnesses and the side effects of treatment.

frail elderly, older persons (usually over the age of 75 years) who are afflicted with physical or mental disabilities that may interfere with the ability to independently perform activities of daily living.
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I have worked as a registered nurse from 1962-1997, the last five years in a facility providing hospital care for the frail elderly.
The exciting clinical outcomes reported of late with vitamin D in frail elderly patients have caused a shift in thinking among many osteoporosis experts.
These caregivers provide a great deal of cost-effective support that enables people who are frail elderly and people with disabilities to remain at home (from several months to many years) rather than live in nursing or residential care homes.
A book devoted to medicine in the frail elderly is to be welcomed.
Important in both the care of the frail elderly and the continued growth of the economy will be the roles played by middle-aged Japanese women.
This book also reports on Inspiris's care team approach to managing care transitions for the frail elderly - adults 65 and older who comprise 40 percent of elderly hospitalizations and who are particularly vulnerable during transitions from one care site to another.
Contract notice: Custody of the "service of social assistance home care for elderly dependents not in adi / cdi" intended for frail elderly residents in the municipalities belonging to the ato b3.
A NURSE who "hated old people" was yesterday warned she may be jailed for assaulting two frail elderly hospital patients.
And the Pastoral Care Project has been awarded pounds 200 towards the cost of training volunteers who serve frail elderly people in Nuneaton, Bedworth and North Warwickshire.
A FRAIL elderly grandmother may have been killed by a burglar who tried to silence her after breaking into her home.
Evercare coordinates care for the frail elderly, chronically ill, and disabled in community and in skilled nursing facilities.
Yet when she applied for a job working with frail elderly people no such checks were carried out.