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This supports the proposal by Stringer and Pajari (1981) that the tuffaceous and volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks of the Priest Cove Formation are a distal facies of the mafic flows and fragmental volcanic rocks of the Ross Island Formation, which are also known to be younger than the Grand Manan Group on the basis of contained granitic clasts.
Similarly, USGS map I-666 describes this material as fragmental debris and masses of rim material that, likely, have moved down slope.
Benjamin offers much insight on the importance of fragmental writings: "To great writers, finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they work throughout their lives.
Although she mentions reading a "few surviving accounts and fragmental reports" on the battle, because of the lack of footnotes or endnotes it is not clear how reliable and impartial these sources are and how she employs them in the book.
Four of the older children could give a fragmental picture, but no details of the procedure.
The fragmental nature of the specimens prevents a specific assignment.
The school education has transformed into the teaching of fragmental knowledge and the exhausted exercising, and finally develops to be disjointed with real learning process and personal development.
Most of the literature is quite fragmental even for the best known states (i.
There are numerous regions called dark mantles, often roughly circular and up to at least 200 km in diameter, where the fragmental lunar surface regolith is less reflective than usual, and spectroscopic evidence shows that it contains a component of small volcanic particles in addition to the locally derived rock fragments.
I heard a bemused citizen passing judgment on the fragmental family represented in The Nonentities' production of And A Nightingale Sang at Kidderminster's Rose Theatre last week.
Microscopicamente es una roca fragmental con cristaloclastos de biotita, cuarzo con engolfamientos, feldespatos y minerales opacos accesorios.
This speech in the very first scene tells a lot about Kulka's Iago: fragmental thoughts construe his style and make his presence unfathomable.