fragilitas ossium

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fragilitas ossium

fragilitas ossium

A congenital brittle bone disease associated with blueness of the whites of the eyes due to unusual thinning of the SCLERA. Also known as OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA.

fragilitas ossium (frajil´ētəs os´ēəm),

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Q. is their any way to cure osteogenesis imperfecta my son has this bone disorder and can;t stand to see him cry thank you for any help

A. as far as i know- OI is a genetic problem. today there is no cure to genetic problems. there is a big research on gene therapy but there's a long long road before we will see any result..sorry... but there are several treatments that can ease your son's pain, here is a wonderful site that stores a vast amount of information about IO, including recent studies and researches:

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