fraction collector

frac·tion col·lec·tor

a device used to collect the eluate from a column in column chromatography.
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Fraction Collector To Allow Collection In Deep Well Plates (Various Volumes), Tubes And Bottles Sample Pumps Capable Of e1/24Ml Sample Injection Pressure Sensor For Column Safeguarding Inlet Valve Kit Capable Of Switching Between Multiple Buffers And Cleaning Solutions Columns Allowing: O Separation Of Proteins With Molecular Weight From Ranges 10,000 To 600000 Da With A Flow Rate Of e1/2 1.
The Sepacor MPLC system (Biichi, Flawil, Switzerland) consisted of 2 pump modules C-605, pump manager C-615 and fraction collector C-660.
Constant time fractions (5 min/fraction) were collected with the help of a fraction collector (Haake Buchler, model-100, USA).
Nanostream, which makes the Veloce micro parallel LC system, chose the ASMS meeting to announce a fraction collector add-on.
They were the first to displace the column content and collect it in a fraction collector.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of one number of automatic fraction collector
The CFC-2 Fraction Collector for supercritical fluid chromatography enables collection of up to 24 SFC fractions with sample recoveries of greater than 90%.
An average fraction collector is designed to sit on the benchtop, weighs about 18 lbs.
For analysis the collected samples are manually taken from the fraction collector and passed over to the analyzer.
Fractions were collected with an LKB model 2211 Superrac fraction collector.
Waters introduced the Fraction Collector II, a stand-alone collector for HPLC, preparative LC, or open column LC applications, which can accommodate a wide range of adapter racks and related collection vessels.
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