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A fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which approximates a reduced-size copy of the whole, a property which is called self-similarity. Fractals provide the mathematics behind structures in the natural universe—e.g., frost crystals, coastlines, etc.—which cannot be described by the language of euclidean geometry. Fractal analysis is providing new ways to interpret biomedical phenomena. It has been used for classifying histopathology, enzymology, and signal and image compression
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Using of fractal geometry for the authentication process is an alternative to authentication process using the hash function.
Narrowing my explanation of fractal geometry, I find five main characteristics:
In some areas of this crazy tessellation the elements are much smaller, implying the operation of fractal geometry.
Another writes with astonishment about the mysteries of fractal geometry.
In this paper, principles of fractal geometry are used to describe prepreg surfaces.
In fractal geometry, the fractal dimension (D), is a non-integer value that, in Mandelbrot's (1983) original definition for fractals, exceeds the Euclidean topological dimension.
Though Fulton creates an evocative analogy between fractal geometry and poetic form, she should stop at analogy, rather then use the mathematical to legitimize the poetic.
This is the popular New Age conflation of chaos theory, fractal geometry and quantum mechanics, which may and do operate in rather different conceptual worlds.
Most of the students have been studying the decathlon material since the summer, trying to learn as much as they could about everything from fractal geometry to chaotic dynamics, to literature, jazz music and 18 pieces of artwork.
Scientific contributions to the rapidly developing fields of complexity and nonlinear dynamics are flowing in from many disciplines--from physics, to fractal geometry, to evolutionary biology, to computer science, to economics.
3) Consider the basic fact of fractal geometry, which is that fractals repeat the same shapes or structures as magnitude is altered, so that a fern leaf (taken as a fractal shape) is a fern leaf all the way down, so to speak, as the magnitude of observation is increased or the scaling factor is decreased.